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Image Cut 1.509+CrK[h33][rupliham]

Torrent: Image Cut 1.509+CrK[h33][rupliham]
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Image Cut description
Splits image into rectangular segments easily. Generates result web page.
Image Cut will allow you to split image into rectangular segments, which are perfectly fit with each other. Split operation is now very easy. You can select parts of an image arbitrarily, not only as a simple grid through all image area. One that you need is to place cutting lines and "Image Cut" will do all other work for you.

Image Cut will save each pointed segment in BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG or TIF formats (selection of the most suitable image format individually for each part allows to reduce image size in the best way) and generate web page that merges all segments into one reclaimed image again (by means of HTML table each image part will be placed in its own table cell).

With the given software tool you can optimize images exactly for publishing them in Web. Splitting can be useful in web design. Very popular scenario is when a web page template is designed as large image, where site logo, borders, menu with buttons and other window-dressing elements are placed on it. "Image Cut" can do process of splitting of such templates much easier.

Dividing of an image into a set of pieces accelerates download of it, because typical Internet browser is being loaded all parts of the picture simultaneously.

Here are some key features of "Image Cut":

· Supports more then 20 input picture formats;
· Supports BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIF output picture formats;
· Has user friendly interface;
· Exports html file merging all segments into one reconstructed image;
· Allows optimization of images under web with fast preview;
· Sets file type settings for each part individually;
· Saves cut parameters in projects;
· Allows undo and redo splitter placement operations;
· Allows to zoom image working area in;
· Has built-in easy-to-use text editor with html syntax highlighting;
· Supports drag & drop (projects and images from Explorer or other source);
· Allows relative address for image parts;
· Allows quick testing the obtained results;
· Selects color for blank image parts automatically;

1. Install the software,Don't run the prog.
2. Copy carck to the install directory and paste it.
3. Enjoy.

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Added: 2008-06-21 15:24:03
Language: English
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Release name: Image Cut 1.509+CrK[h33][rupliham]



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