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It Essentials: PC Hardware and Software Labs and Study Guide

Torrent: It Essentials: PC Hardware and Software Labs and Study Guide
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The only Cisco authorized Lab Companion for the IT Essentials: PC Hardware and
Software course from the Cisco Networking Academy Program

* New Labs and Study Guide format provides on-line labs from the Academy
curriculum as well as challenge labs from the authors
* Study guide sections offer learning and practice exercises
* Alignment to A+ objectives prepares students for certification exam

The IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software Labs and Study Guide is designed as
a valuable teaching and learning tool for the Academy curriculum, incorporating
new features to improve students' hands-on skills and reinforce the key topics
of the course. The Labs sections feature the complete collection of the lab
exercises specifically written for the ITE1 course in the Cisco Networking
Academy Program, reviewed by instructors and formatted and edited by Cisco
Press. The Study Guide sections are designed to provide additional exercises and
activities to reinforce students' understanding of the course topics, preparing
them for the course assessments and focusing on preparing for the associated
certifications (A+ and EUCIP). Each chapter is customized to the learning needs
of the material and includes some or all of the following types of exercises;

* Vocabulary Matching and Completion
* Skill Building Activities and Scenarios
* HelpDesk Scenarios
* Concept Questions
* Journal Entries
* Internet Research

The study guide is more than just "busy work" and fill-in-the-blank exercises.
It contains thought-provoking concept and focusquestions for essential review of
course content prior to assessments.

Chapter 1 Introduction to the Personal Computer 1
Chapter 2 Safe Lab Procedures and Tool Use 23
Chapter 3 Computer Assembly—Step by Step 37
Chapter 4 Basics of Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting 57
Chapter 5 Fundamental Operating Systems 63
Chapter 6 Fundamental Laptops and Portable Devices 131
Chapter 7 Fundamental Printers and Scanners 143
Chapter 8 Fundamental Networks 155
Chapter 9 Fundamental Security 175
Chapter 10 Communication Skills 187
Chapter 11 Advanced Personal Computers 195
Chapter 12 Advanced Operating Systems 253
Chapter 13 Advanced Laptops and Portable Devices 347
Chapter 14 Advanced Printers and Scanners 359
Chapter 15 Advanced Networks 381
Chapter 16 Advanced Security 421

Product Details

* ISBN: 1587131986
* ISBN-13: 9781587131981
* Format: Textbook Paperback, 456pp
* Publisher: Cisco Press
* Pub. Date: January 2008

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Release name: It Essentials: PC Hardware and Software Labs and Study Guide



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