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VA - Florida Funk - Funk 45s from the Alligator State 1968-75 [EAC FLAC CUE LOG]

Torrent: VA - Florida Funk - Funk 45s from the Alligator State 1968-75 [EAC FLAC CUE LOG]
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Various Artists - Florida Funk 1968-1975: Funk 45s from the Alligator State
Exact Audio Copy FLAC | CUE and LOG Included | CD Rip | Funk | Artwork | 2007


The third in Jazzman's reissue series collecting rare and forgotten funk treasures from the late '60s and early '70s (the first two covered the Midwest and Texas funk scenes), Florida Funk shows that the Alligator State was also clearly in the groove of it. Fueled by Florida's active club scene and released on vibrant but distributionally-challenged small independent labels, none of the singles gathered here was ever anything more than a regional hit back in the day, but many of them have since become highly sought after by collectors and DJs looking for thick backbeats to sample. And thick is the word here, as grooves as wide as a mangrove swamp and every bit as deep follow here track after track, and it's a wonder Florida wasn't stomped into the ocean with the pulse of it all back in those glorious pre-disco days. Daytona Beach's Universals lead things off with the marvelous "New Generation," originally released in 1970 on Expression Records, and there's no reason on earth that this side shouldn't have been a huge and enduring hit. Pearly Queen, an all-Latin band from Miami Springs who took their name from the Traffic song, follow with the equally as impressive "Quit Jive'in," released by Sound Triangle in 1974. Miami guitarist Frankie Seay's 1969 instrumental "Soul Food," originally put out by Tropical Records, is a delightfully ragged, raw and lo-fi slice of hard soul with stomping drums that sound like they're about to push through the floor. The rarity of some of these 45s is made evident by Bobby Williams' James Brown influenced "All the Time," a 1969 single from Tropical Records, which is full of the cracks and pops that come from a vinyl source that has been played repeatedly. Mildly irritating as these slight defects are, it
still beats not hearing this solid little single at all. Wonderfully paced, sequenced, researched and annotated, Florida Funk is an incalculable blessing in a 21st century world always in danger of running out of new, fresh and previously undiscovered beats to sample.

Ripped to FLAC with Exact Audio Copy

01. New Generation - The Universals
02. Quit Jive'in - Pearly Queen
03. Save Me - James Knight & The Butlers
04. Super Cool - Carrie Riley
05. Cutting Room (Hot Pants) - Oceanliners
06. It's Gonna Be A Mess - The Mighty Dogcatchers
07. All The Time - Bobby Williams
08. Do Right Man - Sam Baker
09. Good Things - Pearl Dowdell
10. Pure Funk - Delrays
11. Everybody Has Some Dues To Pay - Little Beaver
12. Butterfly Theme - Blowfly
13. Lay It On Me - Willie Johnson
14. Funky Fast Bump - The Outlaw Band
15. Los Filigreses - Luis Santi
16. Na Na - Coke
17. Soul Food - Frankie Seay
18. Baby Don't Cry - The Third Guitar
19. Spider Web - Westom Prim & Backlash
20. Get Down - The Montereys
21. 90% Of Me Is You - Vanessa Kendrick
22. Soft Soul - Lavell Kamma (previously unreleased bonus track)

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Release name: VA - Florida Funk - Funk 45s from the Alligator State 1968-75 [EAC FLAC CUE LOG]







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